February 19, 2014

During the last twenty years I have been continually persecuted by political Islamic rulers

 Honorable distinguished lawyers and dear representatives
May the blessings of the merciful Lord be upon you.
The experience that I have gained during these eight years, since I entered the world of politics, the biggest reason for the indecent mixing of religion with politics, which is the contamination of spirituality and blanching of truth. Of course everyone knows that this prisoner of conscience has never had a political career and has been a follower of Islam without the politics. The animus, publication and dissemination of traditional religion is contrary to the interests of religion intermingled with politics. During the last twenty years I have been continually assaulted, threatened and persecuted by political Islamic rulers and have been imprisoned in various prisons, secret ones or known ones, where the bully, hypocritical leaders have managed to waste my life. What has been handed down to the archive of my experiences is the truth laid out in a way that describes the years of politicking and political manipulation that has permeated the minds and culture of our society.
I was pushed into the realm of politics and as all records show, up to the point when I was imprisoned in Evin, I was nothing more than a spiritual leader and a cleric, who worked for the betterment of his flock and had no other aim but to establish compassionate relationships and assist in man’s connection with his maker. I was not involved in anything else and at the dictator Supreme Leader’s insistence, I was separated me from the community of clerics and jailed in these deathly cells. But now that we are witnessing the days of celebration with the pomp and circumstance of these so-called clerics, it is the best time to review their satanic slogans which is the basis and foundation of their current revolution. Our politics is like our religion, when politics is abusive, deceptive, a source of lies and a tool for plundering and wreaking all kinds of havoc, then the nature of that religion is clear and proven.
Despite all the tortures, psychological and physical, and despite the threats against my family, I, as a prisoner of conscience have never denied my principles whose clear proof is my incarceration in the worst of all conditions possible; whether it be the unsanitary food, their refusal to provide me with my medication, or the fact that I have been barred from having any legal representation whatsoever. I will continue in my father and his father’s footsteps and that is why I can firmly say that every kind of political belief (intermingled with religion) is illegitimate and sordid.
I have made a unique investment in the progression of protests against the self-serving and oppressor ruling elite, one that has now been recorded in the pages of Iranian history. However, no thanks to those who claimed to be a part of the struggle against these diabolical tyrants; that is the nature of politics. Therefore, given my present exigent circumstances, I offer this as proof to my allies and associates that these types of encounters by international organizations and officials, is a clear example of the ugliness of politics.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran
February 2014

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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