July 07, 2014

Outright and unmitigated human rights violations of the Islamic regime in Iran

Südwind , 26th Session of HRC , "Maryam Moazenzadeh"

Greetings, one and all,
I would like to briefly cover the outright and unmitigated human rights violations of the Islamic regime in Iran. This has been one of the regime’s most visible methodologies since it’s inception. Out of all the various conventions that the Islamic regime has joined, out of the twenty five countries related to the human rights issues, Iran has only signed ten of those conventions and of those ten, two have been signed conditionally.
For example, the issue of children’s rights and the refugees rights conventions are the ones that they have signed on a contingent basis. They have not signed any of the other conventions regarding gender discrimination against women, or the one that prohibits torture, which was actually given over to the Islamic Parliament and the Guardian Council which absolutely rejects all of those concerns as it goes against Sharia law. Of course, it is not only the Guardian Council that reiterates this but the Islamic regime’s ambassador to the U.N. in 1984, also mentioned that the internal laws in Iran are very much based on Islamic law and that ‘we do not accept the laws put upon us by the international community’.

When one considers the Islamic regime’s constitutional laws, it is clearly documented that the regime itself does not observe many of its own laws and regulations. However further investigation of the regime’s own laws, proves that in many cases where human rights violations are concerned, it is stated that it is based on Sharia law and the regime’s own constitution. This though is another contradiction as the Iranian regime has signed the human rights declaration, and is therefore, bound to abide by its articles, as international laws take precedence over cultural issues and internal laws of countries. Yet, the Islamic regime has very openly announced that its modus operandi is a clear sign that it does not in fact respect those principles. 

I can but mention a few of those violations, as covering everything would take a great deal of time:
  •  The execution of minors or imprisoning them until they are of age, in order to execute them as adults
  • Women’s rights are constantly violated, and equality of the sexes is non-existent
  • Arrest and torture of citizens for expressing their opinions (political or religious)
  • A brutal crackdown on freedom of speech, freedom of religion and worship
Based on reports that are sent to our organization, there is also no freedom to gather in order to worship; in fact our group, that supported Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi and who were always present for his extremely well-attended conferences and talks, were privy to the cancelation of those events. Following that, many were arrested and were forced to give affidavits swearing not to participate in any gatherings that were organized under Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi’s supporters or anything done in his name.

Sunnis also have very little freedom to speak of. Many people have given us lists that were comprised of Sunnis and who were arrested an in prison, simply for having attended their gathering. Also new converts to Christianity, the few Baha’is are incarcerated, along with the Gonabadi Sufis who were in fact attacked in the middle of one of their gatherings and many were arrested. These few points clearly shows the state of ‘freedom of speech and religion’ in Iran, under the Islamic regime. 

The arrests, tortures and executions carried out by the Islamic regime clearly signals that the leaders of that regime are using Islam as a tool to pressure the citizens into obeying laws that even the regime authorities itself do not observe. This is the root and basis of the problem, that whether their rule is modeled on Islam or some form of ideology, it cannot simply be adjusted by minor reforms in order for human rights to be respected; it cannot be changed by changing one person, one issue, one color or one group. Hence, the entire constitution must be changed, if we want human rights to be taken seriously. 

As I mentioned before, there are many examples of religious arrests, and the detention of people of various faiths, who are detained simply for their beliefs. Many people of various denominations are in prisons in Iran. There are also many imprisoned for simply speaking the truth or criticizing, and that has been the cause for their years behind bars, where they have been tortured or are not heard from, for years on end. Many have been sentenced to execution and sit on death row, without having committed a single crime.

As Mr. Kazemeini-Boroujerdi’s representative of can recount our experiences, as we focus on his case which I explained in detail last time I was here. Mr. Boroujerdi who is in very dire circumstances health wise, suffers from heart and respiratory diseases and he is constantly unwell. The Islamic regime however continues to adamantly refuse him the necessary medical treatment and the administering of the proper and prescribed medications and drugs. 

Subsequent to that meeting Amnesty International followed up by issuing a statement that clearly stated the gravity of his condition and demanded that he receive the proper care. Also among those who issued statements were five of the human rights reporters who called for an intervention in his condition, that Mr. Boroujerdi is a prisoner of conscience and must be released and receive immediate and unconditional medical treatment. His family also went to the Red Cross and representatives of the Red Cross took his case file, in order to refer a qualified doctor but nothing changed vis a vis his medical issues. There were two feigned attempts by the Islamic regime, that showed them taking him into a room where there was someone in a white medical smock, and there, they were filmed, claiming that he was in fact receiving medical care. Whereas the entire thing was staged and nothing at all, in reality, occurred. 

Following that incident, he was taken to the Special Clerical Tribunal, where he was pressured and stressed, from morning, straight through the evening. During that session he was once again  harangued into writing and signing a letter stating that he is in good health and does not require medical care. 

Other than all this, his prison cell is now constantly monitored and security cameras have even been installed in the shower which causes him a great deal of distress. This invasion of his privacy, the privacy of a prisoner who is serving out his imposed sentence, is not even observed. 

Also there are other received accounts regarding various prisoners, that have been published on our site (Boroujerdi Info News) reports that Sunni prisoner in Rejaei-Shahr prison, in the Tehran suburb of Karaj, are also not receiving any medical care. Mr. Pourshajari reported, as well as many of the prisoners themselves which I am now reporting to the Secretary General of this conference.

As I said in my opening statement, I am only reporting a very general overview of the situation though one can clearly surmise and conclude that the Islamic regime is in serious violation of human rights. 

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