July 09, 2014

I continue to stand in order to echo for the cries of my fellow compatriots

I offer my heartiest greeting to the great and dear people of Iran, 

This prisoner of conscience has never once forgotten your righteousness and these eight years of my captivity in the claws of political Islam, has not stopped me from expressing my respect for the deprived and forsaken. The hostility of the bullying ruling elite, with me who is in agony, are as a result of my extensive and infrastructural opposition to the co-mingling of politics with religion. As a result, during the last twenty plus years, due to my ideological contentions with the nature of the Governance of the Islamic Guardianship, my family and I have been continually abused and violated.
The day I realized that the canons of the monarchic Mullahs is visceral and their God is their most base instincts, I rose up to defend the belief in the one God that has been sullied and the forsaken people of Iran. I therefore began to expose the materialist Mullahs and from that day on, they decreed to suffocate me. Following my arrest, during my first meeting with Sheikh Ali Razini, who at the time headed up the administrative tribunal, as well as special clerical directorship, he told me: “If your case had not become globally recognized, I would have had no compunction in killing you myself.”

In the bill of indictment sent by the Special Clerical Tribunal and engineered by Sheikh Jafar Ghadiani, I was accused of being Mohareb (combatant against God) and my execution orders had been handed down. However, due to vast support from the international community and those patriotic justice-seekers, the dictatorial leadership abandoned the idea. c said, during my years of incarceration, I have repeatedly been confronted with secret plots and various attempts on my life, at the hands of the intelligence agents and security apparatchiks. On a few occasions, these agents disguised themselves as prisoners who wanted to get close to me, in order to taint my food and water with viruses that induced distinct illnesses which would have lead to the devastation of my limbs and extremities. I acknowledge that I suffer from numerous illnesses, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, cranial, optic, renal, bone, intestinal and nervous system and that all of the above is irreversible. 

Now, they have taken to setting pre-organized fires and intentional arson, in order to set the stage for my murder and claim it to have been an accident.

Despite all that, I stand tall in those pages of contemporary history, so that I can continue to be the echo for the cries of my fellow compatriots. 

As my spiritual father, Ali Ibn Abu-Taleb said: “For a man, dying in his bed is unfortunate and being martyred in the battle field is an honor and respect.” I, who must die in my home, given the continued pressures of recent years, am nearing the end of my life. Why then should I not struggle against autocratic and wretched tyrants? I take God as my witness, that my concerns and thoughts are of nothing but my deprived, desperate and discarded Iranian brethren and I worry for nothing other than the exploitation and absolutism exercised over my compatriots and nothing more.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
July 2014
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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