July 01, 2014

Another Ramadan in the clutches of the bloodthirsty monsters in religious frock.

Once again, Ramadan is here
Once again, Ramadan is here and I remain a captive of the false claimants of faith who are the representatives of savagery, transmitters of hooliganism and mischief and deniers of truth. Based on such ‘faith’, the orders for the execution of the innocents are continually issued, and the command for the looting and pillaging of the national wealth is handed down. Truly, Ramadan in the realm of politicized religion embodied in the form of a government is nothing more than the enmity against spirituality, the flight of monotheism and the corruption of Islam.
 Is Ramadan the month to converge with the Lord? Which God? The Creator in whose name crimes are committed? The Almighty under whose banner, a people are enchained?

Is Ramadan the month to celebrate the hallowed? In this place of celebration, how are the guests to be served? With high prices and costliness? Rampant unemployment? Lies, deceit and chicanery? By exporting the belongings of a nation to bases in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain?

On which pulpit and alter can one promote Shia beliefs? At the pulpit with the rulers are open for trade and business? Or at Mosques where the Hadith and the ethics are recounted in such a way as to benefit the elitist Mullah establishment? Pulpits that are place for the litany and grandstanding of dictators in turbans?

That poor Prophet whose legacy has become a tool for a bunch of materialists hustling the hereafter!

Would the martyr of Ramadan, the chief of the just, the Prophet of the peaceful and the compassionate the needy, agree to all this cruelty and injustice against people of faith?

What gall these Grand Ayatollahs have to ‘invite’ the population to rectify themselves, when they themselves amount to nothing more than aspects of the regime’s evildoing. Is there any higher cruelty than  the embezzlement of the God-given resources of the people of Iran, in order to support and strengthen the spying and intelligence networks, inside and outside Iran, and to further disempower the children of this blessed land, driving them into utter destitution, bankruptcy and damage?

How can the shrieking of the pulpit dwellers, during this month be considered divine? Is any of their oratory and fervor about the supplication of the innocent people?

Lord, I vow to you, from within my horrific prison cell, I swear by the blood that courses in my veins, that I will defend your compassion and your enlightenment, so that I can be the echo to the justice-seeking cries of your creatures; and I will offer my immaterial life to confront the bloodthirsty monsters in religious frock.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison - Iran, Tehran
July 2014

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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