November 14, 2016

Authorities of Evin Prison and the Court of Clergy neglect the critical situation of Mr. Boroujerdi

Based on the recent reports from Evin prison, Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s physical situation is seriously critical as he is suffering from unknown and suspicious pains, so that his life has become impossible. While visiting his family on Saturday 12 November 2016, he was not able to stand or even to sit on the chair due to sever pains, so he left them and returned to the prison ward.
As a result of continuous pains in his bones and joints as well as blockage of his blood vessels, Mr. Boroujerdi’s legs and back is deformed, hence he is not able to walk or move. This also caused his chronic heart and lung disease become deteriorated. In addition, because of his continuous groaning due to severe pains, the other prisoners have got trouble and cannot sleep or get rest. Although he had received some pain-relief morphine injections but those were also inefficient. The doctor of Evin clinic just has suspected that his pain was caused by spinal disc herniation, so he believed that Mr. Boroujerdi should be transferred to an equipped hospital outside the prison.
As a consequence of continuous appealing by Mr. Boroujerdi’s family and his several request letters, on Tuesday 8 November the chief of the Evin prison said that the authorities of the special court of clergy have agreed upon his transfer to a hospital for MRI scanning, however he is not transferred yet. It is clear that the authorities are neglecting the critical situation of this prisoner of conscience.
During a phone conversation on 10 November, Mr. Boroujerdi has told to his family that “these neglecting behaviours of the special court of clergy and the regime’s authorities are unacceptable. They are surely aware of my critical physical situation as they are monitoring me in my ward by the camera as well as by receiving the daily reports from the prison office. However, they are preventing my transfer to a hospital by different excuses and pretexts.”
Since 5 November 2016, Mr. Boroujerdi has actually suffered from a suspicious bone illness (osteoporosis) resulted in continuous severe pains and several times loss of consciousness, however he has not received any proper medical treatment or medicines yet. Based on the sentences by the primary tribunal, the period of Mr. Boroujerdi’s jail has been finished more than 6 months ago and he is still in jail without any reason or a new sentence.
As the representatives of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi, we hereby are seriously concerning about his fate and we warn that he requires urgent help to save his life. We believe that Mr. Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is directly responsible for Mr. boroujerdi’s life as the special court of clergy is under his exclusive supervision. We appeal all of Human Right organizations and activists to pay attention to his critical situation and assist for saving his life and his urgent release by putting the Iranian regime under pressures.

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