July 17, 2017

On the occasion of the World Day for International Justice

Justice is the origination of Creation as it associates with the Nature. If the equinox become dissociated from the seasons, then everything will be demolished and the human life will face to serious threats due to disarray of natural calendar. So, on such a day, we must evaluate this great global value to see what the role of Justice is in human life and what will be the main catastrophes of lack of Justice?

Nowadays, the human beings are suffering from absence of justice, and the societies are collapsing due to failure of fair judgements. When there would be never equality between the nations, the world is divided to developed and non-developed parts. Discrimination among nations is a consequence of injustice. Why the African people, the owners of rich natural resources such as gold and uranium, are hungry without any share of their domestic wealth? Should the Middle Eastern people, whose lands are laid on of enormous oil and gas resources, live in absolute poverty? Is the international justice observed within the organizations of United Nations? Are different legislations aimed to fulfil the peace and comfort for poor people? Do the governments understand the sufferings and miseries of their deprived people? Do the states move forward to develop justice? There were never rule of justice during different periods of the history.
How is the situation of the Islamic governments who are claiming justice; where are those stood up? Is it possible to expect justice in a country ruled by religious dictatorship? AS Justice is attributed to freedom, so it is impossible to expect justice, tolerance, kindness, goodness and honesty from the people who are ruled by cruel tyrannies. People will attain freedom, if they get rid of injustice. Today it is necessary to think and pay more attention:
How the religion which is associated with blood and sward as symbols of violence and recognizes the unbelievers as pagans and orders to kill them as a religious peremptory, and hampers the peaceful activities, bans the personal freedom and victimize the justice, claims for justice with slogans of equality?
Nowadays we can see in Islamic Iran that due to lack of social justice, the catastrophes such as addiction, divorce, unemployment, crimes, insanities and physical and mental diseases have become dominant everywhere in the country showing a dark era in the history and disclosing the evil faces of politicians and religious rulers.

July 17, 2017
Representative of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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