November 10, 2018

The Message of Mr. Boroujerdi, the “Founder of Monotheism without Borders” to the Parliament of the World's Religions during the Seventh Interreligious Conference, Toronto, Canada

The Oldest, Largest, Most Diverse and Inclusive Global Interfaith Event was held in Toronto, Canada.(1-7th November). Some of Boroujerdi's reprentatives participated in this congress on behalf of Boroujerdi, who was under house arrest in Tehren, Iran.
There was a booth in the exhibition part, special for Boroujerdi. In this booth, some of Boroujerdi's messages and his viewpoints were presented as well. Here you can read a collection of his messages addressed to officials and participants in this Parliament:
May the Creator of the world greet you, the heralds of the Almighty God’s holy essence

The philosophy of all religions and beliefs is to restore virtues in mankind and keeping it away from vices. Actually, the religions have emerged to invite people towards the goodness and benevolence. The advantage of religion is to promote innate conscience and to become the precursor of a peaceful life. The human rights are fulfilled through theology, however the main problem mankind has faced in all eras is that the holy book, the prophet, religion or the revelation as an intermediary has failed to convey the truth to mankind. Because obviously the followers of religions and faiths have a great deal of moral and psychological impurities. Lying and gossiping are common and abundant between many of the followers of all religions, bullying is continuously dominant, theft, fraud, suspicion, arrogance, self-righteousness, misunderstanding, divorce, addiction, discrimination, oppression, tyranny, and injustice are plentiful in all parts of the world. Although Muslims, Jews, Christians or other religious followers throughout the world, attribute their faith to God, we can easily detect from their followers' behaviors that there is a great distance between mankind and God.
As a founder of monotheism without borders, I have endeavored to remove the black and dark lenses that has covered the eyes of mankind, so that they can identify and comprehend the truth and realities about God, the creator. I have founded “monotheism without borders”, in order to prevent the negative consequences caused by racial, ethnic, religious, ideological, and credit boundaries which obscure and confuse minds with regards to God.

Where do we stand now?
One of the important issues among human societies from the very outset, which goes back to Adam and Eve according to religions, has been that of being religious. Religion has had a mission to call people and guide them based on certain rules. Since humans have numerous questions and the extensiveness of their needs is uncontrollable, religious men have always been faced with lack of reception by human societies. By reading the divine books and stories of prophets, one can see that there has always been a conflict between people of any era and the religious messengers! However, what has been the cause of conflict?
This god described by religion must be definitely as small as the planet Earth. Is our creator the same god that religions claim? The system of downgrading God has been used in all religions, a god who can see, can like, can get angry, who wants help, who curses his enemy and orders to amputate arms and legs!
As explorers of simple monotheism and seekers of pure belief in God, currently we are facing a problem that no religion has ever discussed the supernatural reality of the creator of the universe. Why haven’t they said this? Their problem is that they did not say such a thing because there wasn’t enough knowledge of God in religions! The reason for humans to be unfamiliar with the creator of the universe is that divine schools of thought and divine books came to introduce God, establish communication between the creator and the created, and establish justice all around the world under the name of God. Since they had not seen the real God and their inspirations were limited only to the planet Earth, they were not successful.
Humans are similar to animals, sharing common instincts, and on the other hand, have unique human traits; religion tries to control the animal aspect of humans, but fails to do so. Can anger, holding grudges and hostility be eliminated? No, because these are natural diseases. Messengers came to guide societies towards the right path under the name of God and to remove the animal nature in humans, but unfortunately they failed. Now, the followers of religions are on the path of conflicts, disputes, and human vices. This is the effect when terrorism is developed under the cover of religion, and when terrorists attribute their criminal actions to religion, but what is the actual cause?
In the Crusades, religion turned against religion, but didn’t they both talk about God? They did, but the god they talked about was the filtered god and it was not making people satisfied. When we attribute a word to God, it must have certain effects. But our basic problem is lack of knowledge of God.
I have gone past all cases in the world that have been attributed to God. I have attempted to find incompatibilities by searching and exploring these religions. I have found what had not deserved the status and grandeur of the real God. Today, I am in a position that I cannot accept monotheistic thoughts inherited from religions after thousands years. Nor have I reached the destination, which is finding the reality of God. Of course, this is an important status when humans realize that they have nothing. We do not want to continue to deceive ourselves that this word is from God. At least we know that we should seek God. It is a very difficult path, but our supporter is the Creator who guides us.  

The Risk of Mixing Religion and Politics
There are important concepts included in religions which required global attention. What I have found from my monotheistic research and studies, is that throughout the history, religions have presented both good in terms of reforms and evil in terms of violence promotion.
I probed the history and found that a God who has been presented to different nations through religions cannot be that great creator; because primarily our God had not defined correctly. So the concepts presented by those religions and faiths are still challenging.
It is evident that the culture of monotheism and theology in all religions, ideologies and schools of thought have been poor in terms of conscience, justice, peace, freedom. Because since their evidences and documents with regards to the essence of the Almighty God were not enough, accordingly so the outcome have been weak. That is why the religions are challenging each other and one religion is cursing another? Now we understand why do they issue an excommunication order when one of their followers decide to leave, why has a religion become a tool for ruling and governance? Why has a religion become a means for the political or economic abuse?  
Because basically God has not been taken into account and has not been seen at all. The discoveries of humans from what God actually is, are so small and insignificant that we see that religions have not delivered what they have promised. For example, all religions have said: God hears you, he answers your cries, he holds the hands of the needful people, but it is in fact the followers of religions who are stuck in poverty, pain, insecurity and family problems.
At my current situation of house arrest, my message is that after mixing religion and politics, both will be inefficient and discredited. Politics in its general sense should follow a series of particular equations with their own tactics, and religion has a framework for itself too; Religion which has conceptual defeats and inner shortcomings, has not been able to provide answers to mankind; that is why aversion to religion has increased in all countries and in monotheistic doctrines.
How can one defend the greatness of God, the ruler of the world, when a government tyrannizes a nation in the name of religion, with discriminating and suffocating approach?
Religion which has conceptual defeats and inner shortcomings, has not been able to provide answers to mankind; that is why aversion to religion has increased in all countries and in monotheistic doctrines.

Because there are many unanswered questions, and many promises have been made in the name of God which are not fulfilled. So the name of God has been involved - a God who has not been introduced to mankind appropriately. A God about whom only a certain image is transferred to mankind for tens of thousands of years. They commit crimes in the name of God, in the name of endeavors to reach God, and in the name of defending God. They abuse the name of God in their greed everywhere. Although the philosophy of religions has been endearing God to mankind, but currently we see that all divine religions have exasperated people with religious rules and religious laws and special rituals, making them depressed, and creating disdain in them, especially where the government is a religious one.
It means that when religion is placed in the seat of politics, its reputation will be at risk and that is a mistake. In such cases it is a disaster for both the inhabitants of the relative country, and the global reactions which undermine and destroy the validity of religions. Religions which came in order to introduce and present God, a God who was unknown and remained that way, but the religious abusers have made business and become rich and powerful under his name.

Request to Officials and Participants in the Parliament of the World's Religions Conference
God is the supreme true and rightful authority for this immeasurable universe and creation, therefore, any kind of nearness and closeness to God is tantamount to become free from animal instincts.  It is an undeniable fact that clashes, pessimism, war, massacres, nuclear arms, nuclear threats, all indicate that mankind is distanced from God. Indeed, if mankind had placed its trust in God, he would have known that everything is under the command of the Great Creator. Even though, religions have emerged in order to get rid of the distance between mankind and God, unfortunately the distances have increased because religions and faiths started becoming organized, so the followers created their own systems, organizations, categorizations, classifications, and uniforms. In other words, they distanced themselves from the Lord, and the great God were disguised under materialistic, worldly and temporal covers. Presently, when you look at any religion, we will find that it has an extensive organization. These organizations do not let a person to reach his God, his creator easily.
I humbly appeal to all of you who are gathered here presenting religions and/or defending the principle, the Lord rather than supporting your faiths and beliefs. I urge you to come and speak about the origin of existence and promote it, because God is the principle and the rest like holy scriptures and prophets are all subordinate and derivatives. In this case, unity will be established between believers in all faiths or creeds. It is very evident that there is only one God who is the source of existence and man’s life, and as the result we do not have more than one moderator, manager, and ruler. Therefore, what have all the conflicts between religions over the course of thousands of years been about?
What was the causes of the Crusades? What is the reason for wars between different Muslim sects? The Israeli- Palestinian issue is based on what? Arabs and non-Arabs, Europeans and Asians, basically such damn lines have caused the crisis. Why is the Middle East “breathing” out fire? Indeed, the root of religion comes from the Middle East, and it is here that different religions have gathered, and every religion is being supported by different power leaders. In reality, one superpower does not wish to promote the truth about Monotheism, but it is rather about preserving its own interest in the name of religion and pursuing its Colonialism goals in the name of religion.
All religions must have coalition if they are all right. Indeed, if interests are personal ones, they will not bring humanity close to God. God, the great Lord is free from the worldly culture that minimizes God’s identity in order to be belittled or to have transactions conducted in his name, depending on whether he is right or wrong.
My wish is that our Creator does not remain confined within any religion; God is the Lord of all creation. The existence of religions, without any censorship, special intentions or objectives, was to allow mankind to approach God, but unfortunately, they have introduced so many layers within layers, and have complicated Monotheism. They have created covers, walls, and buffers, and as a result the basis of truth the principle of worship of God is lost. Religious rituals are generally alleyways which have led to God being disliked by mankind. The religious laws, instead of instilling God’s love in the hearts of mankind, have made people turn away from God.  There is pressure everywhere in the name of God, so you should work to remove these pressures and let human beings to be free of such restrictions.
Since, God is merciful, and religious laws should not be cruel, or oriented towards violence; there should be a single religion which never imposes any rules on human beings. It is said that Ibrahim’s religion was about a single phrase which was: “Almighty God”.   
We hope that the result of this conference will be:
1-      To resolve the dissension between Monotheistic religions and faiths.
2-      To remove all the tabs or additions which exist in religious laws and result in the disheartening of the people with regards to God.
3-      Religions should eliminate strict and severe laws; and should allow mankind to breath in remembrance of God, for God, and in the name of God.
4-      Those in charge of the Sharia law, and those in charge of centers of worship should let people see the truth about God’s kindness and mercy (grace).
I wish you success in presenting religions in a right and complete way, without any prejudice with regards to realities; you have gathered there in order to defend the creator's rights. Even though he does not need his servants to defend him, talk about the shortcomings, talk about the mistakes and flaws of religions, confess, and do not be afraid. Please let the people of the world return towards God once again and to reconcile with him.

Boroujerdi, Oct. 2018
Iran, Tehran, Under House Arrest

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