November 16, 2018

We Are Looking for a World Free of War

A Message from Mr. Boroujerdi, the Founder of Monotheism without Borders on 100th Anniversary of the End of World War I:
War is a dreadful phenomenon that harms the mankind and destroy the civilization. The history of mankind is full of records of disastrous and extensive wars. War is one of the common instincts between human and animals. The animals fight for their natural intention to survive and to overcome other species, but humans struggle to save their dictatorship. It is hundred years after the world war one, WWI, during which the powers and countries deployed armies against each other, so that a huge population became annihilated after destruction of large cities and massive infrastructures.
But is the war ended up? Never! The next world war happened just two decades later!
The United Nations has been established after the world wars, but could this international organization prevent the next wars?
A lot of wars have been initiated during recent decades which some are still being continued. The proxy wars have become dominant in parts of the world which are actually a global war supported by the powers in hidden, but the poor and defenseless nations of non-developed countries are being massacred.
So what we must undertake to avoid wars? The best solution is to abandon the violent laws for prevention of atrocity and inhumanity.
Both religious men and politicians could not prevent wars, rather they were sometimes the directors of wars.
The religious people have initiated wars, killed people and destroyed the countries in the name of God, so the records of their crimes are available.
The politicians also have established wars in the name of people and even the human rights have been abused as an excuse to storm other countries.
So in our school of thought, both religion and politics are abandoned.
The actual politics ruling on the world is still the one which established the world war one, but it has been apparently changed. The current religions are also the ones initiated the crusades, massacres in Kashmir, or more recently the Shiite-Sunni wars between Islamic countries.

We have to eliminate the violent laws from the religions and we must avoid the religious practices which convert any religion to a deadly monster.
Moreover, we must abandon the politics which promote the human trades and develop the weapons of mass destruction. I mean the politics which allow production and storage of such weapons for their related party but prevent for others.
I warn that a destructive global war is going to happen, this coming war will be involved with enormous massacre to the extent that just a few percentage of world population will survive. So we must publicize and promote that the religion mixed with dictatorship and atrocity is a cheating business. Furthermore, the politics which is based on recruiting politicians to support a special thought is a betrayal to the entire humanity.
We are looking for a world free of war, because war is the origination of homelessness, massacre of nations, destruction of peace and comfort and eventually it results in pessimistic feeling towards God, our Lord.

God Bless You All
Boroujerdi, November 2018
Tehran, Iran, from House Arrest

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