February 01, 2009

The unity message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi to all Human Rights defenders and parties Before transferring to special isolation section

To all human rights defenders, reformists and justice spreaders
Please accept the greeting of a religious leader who is detained in the chains of religious despotism. The bone of this prisoner who has been captured by dictators, who are the claimers of religion, is breaking, his eyes are being blindness and his respiratory system is being obstructed. Untimely old age has changed the spring of his life to the autumn, his spirit has been withered, his family has been taken hostage by murderers and his parents have been sacrificed in love altar.
I'm passing the third year of my unjust imprisonment while I had no crime but revealing governmental religion and have said no world but opinion freedom and thought independence and have no demand but removing the thought restriction , opinion inquiring and censorship from press. My observations from isolation, general (209, 240) and 500 special sections of Evin and military and temporal sections of Yazd prison are hard sorrows and killing memories which burn the conscience of each one who claims humanity and also shock and shake the current history. One who has concern for humanity, will be tormented and annihilated in prison even without tortures when watches these situations.
O'my dears who are the zealous children of country and are the gardeners of justice, peace and freedom;
I ask you to help each other and have unity and help your oppressed nation without attending to opinions, ideas and styles and give your under oppression country life with your movement and campaigns . Now these innocent and oppressed people are in the worst economical, social and psychological situation as the number of victims of oppression, suffocation, violence and discrimination are being increased. Surely you are the peacemakers and saviors of the current calendar in this miserable country , the pure souls of the people of Iran ask all world's liberals and seekers of truth to help and reflect Iran's suffers and to be as a rain on its burned heart.
At the end I ask you who are the sympathetic to this country to not forget me.
Thank the ceaseless efforts of militants of resistance and stand front.
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi\ Feb 2009

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