February 13, 2009

Lack of information on the situation of two women of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's followers

Ladies.Maryam Ghasemi and Zahra Abdollahvand have illegally been detained for 17 days and there is no information on their state.

The reiterate referral of their families to Special Court of Clergy and to Evin prison to visit and get information on their situation has no result as yet. The authorities of the court refused every kind of explanation in addition to humiliating behaviors, in reply to insistence of the families.

The authorities of Special Court of Clergy have threatened the families of these two accuseds because of following up the situation of them. This judicial reference has threatened Mrs.Fatemeh Abdollahvand (Zahra's sister) who has been detained and imprisoned for two times, to detain.

It is necessary to say that Special Court of Clergy denied the detention of these two opinion prisoners at the first days.

 Human Rights Activists in Iran       

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