February 23, 2009

Principles for Establishing Peace

Ayatollah Boroujerdi provided the following principles to establish lasting peace in this world.

1. Those seeking to solve social problems and to establish lasting peace, must be willing to accept criticism and they must be patient.

2. People who live in peace and equality are those who have purified themselves from every kind of conceit and selfishness in the stream of humanity.

3. Peaceful persons are the best capital for the present and the future of mankind.

4. It is impossible to create peace and friendship without reciprocal respect.

5. Reform is a primary aspect of peace. The peace flag will be raised in a country where the population follows reforms in their individual and social life.

6. Justice among governments is the key to world peace. Justice among the Super Powers is as essential as the spring rain. The best guarantee for the survival of a government is justice and equity.

7. Peace, tranquility, and happiness are impossible goals for a people whose government is contaminated by discrimination, betrayal and oppression.

8. Remission (forgiveness) is the most effective way of establishing peace.

9. Establishing peace on earth will assure the survival of Adam and Eve's generation (humankind).

10. A righteous man is one who makes peace and reconciliation among others.

11. Prophets were peacemakers in their own time and making peace among the people was their objective.

12. A society that is peaceful is worthy to serve as a model for other societies in the present and in the future.

13. One who is harsh and spiteful rather than peaceful and tranquil destroys his/her body, spirit, honor and esteem.

14. A prophet’s mission has always been to spread peace and equality among people. The best evidence of pacifism in prophecy is that no prophet was opposed to another, but each prophet confirmed the preceding one and gave glad tidings to the next one. From this we know that it is proper for a prophet’s followers, who are the main part of the world's population, to learn from their leaders to be peaceful instead of breeding fanaticism and enmity.

15. Peace, remission (forgiveness) and philanthropy are my perpetual messages; so many families who were living in devastation found peace and reconciliation and a better situation in life after attending my religious meeting and applying the principles I taught.

16. I believe that to establish peace and international security religious fanaticism based upon outdated and harmful traditions must be abandoned forever.

17. God has created a method of guidance for every nation and no person should ever impose her/his opinion and religion upon others.

18. Contrary to the government clergymen in Iran, I believe in peace and compassion not harshness. I have never gossiped against my malevolent; rather I spoke according to logic and reasoning, even requesting, on numerous occasions, a televised debate with the political Islamic leaders in Iran.

19. Contrary to Iranian government that is opposed to Judaism without any transparent reasons, I respect Jews and accept their religion as a divine religion.

20. Injustice and discrimination are the primary causes of conflict, which prevents peace among nations and peoples.

21. I invite all people in each society to embrace justice and equality and to refuse all forms of fanaticism, discrimination and abuse. I wrote a letter to high ranking officials in the government of Iran and warned them about the increasing oppression and injustice in Iranian society. For example I wrote: “As you know the continuance of each government is dependent upon justice and according to the holy leader’s words: A government that is separate from religion and is just may remain but a government without justice that practices oppression and despotism will be annihilated."

22. There are reports about despotism of Bani Omaye and Bani Abbas though they claim to have a religious government. Unfortunately, the oppression of some of the regime’s authorities who are known as religious persons, has led to destruction of religion, conscience and spirituality in our society and this is an alarm for conscious men to act.Also, I have expressed in these letters; the right to independent thought and a belief in separation of religion from politics but the officials of the Ministry of Information and of Special Court of Clergy have altered my words to create untrue and false charges.

23. I believe that respect for other religions and for other opinions is necessary for global peace and I have taken special actions to demonstrate this belief throughout the world. For example, in 2001 I sent a congratulatory message to Christians all over the world entitled “2001 Salutation to Christ”

24. I believe publicity and cultural activities are the most effective way to promote a cause. I call upon the entire world to refrain from enmity and fighting. I have always promoted peaceful methods for example:I organized a nonpolitical religious meeting to allow people to show that they do not wish to be under a political religious regime but want a traditional religion separate from government.Two weeks before Eid ul-Fitr (an important Islamic feasts), I announced in an interview with Voice of Iran Radio that I'm going to adduce a Eid ul-Fitr prayer on Azadi avenue in Tehran and I invited many followers of the traditional Islamic religion and opponents of political religion. It was estimated that this great unique meeting would be attended by millions of people with this message: “We peacefully deny the authority of the religious government of Iran.” It was primarily for this reason that I was attacked and arrested in order to prevent the occurrence of this meeting.”

With the hope of the expanision of peace and quality in all over the world
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi


Unknown said...

Ayatollah Boroujerdi's views are the goal of international society and Human Rights Organization so let's support him to have a world full of peace and happiness without war and conflict.

debdah said...

The above principles are sound and a sure path of guidance into future human happiness of the kind Allah intended for humanity. Freedom comes with respect and yes, so too, peace. Lack of respect is the prime reason for discord between myself and 'friends' in recent years - there is no peace to be had with those who refuse to apologize, who prefer to judge on false premise and usually, for purpose of denying their own culpability and/or responsibility - it is impossible to remain 'friends' with those we cannot respect as an equal/fellow human being and who judge from on high; such are the psycho-social mechanisms keeping the consciousness enslaved here in UK = be "good" - don't ask too many questions - keep your head down, your mouth shut, don't talk politics, religion or history - stay out of trouble & away from any who are connected to trouble in a society where everywhere is war in the quietness of an unlawfully-imposed 'peace' where the only 'respect' is FEAR of corrupted power - avoid "negativity" i.e. ignore thousands of trafficked and British children suffering torture and abuse in your "civilized" nation... My hopes are with the Iranian people - that they will embrace the golden light of universal intelligence/Allah/Jah and thereafter, enlighten the whole of humanity by their faith. Respect & Love to Ayatollah Boroujerdi and all who stand by him - we can but pity the poor souls who continue to ignore, scorn and persecute him, let us hope they can connect with their compassion/intelligence before the floodlights fully open into consciousness...