June 10, 2010

The letter of Ms.Victoria Azad to Dr.Ban Ki-Moon, The secretary – General of the United Nation and Human Rights Agencies


Dr. Ban ki-Moon, The secretary – General of the United Nation
Dr. Navi Pilay, The high commissar for UN Human Rights
Europe Union Human Rights Commission
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch

Your Excellency!
According to recent events and evidence put forward by various independent human right organizations, the Islamic republic of Iran has put the people under immense pressure and dissidents are being imprisoned under false accusations such as “acting against national security”, espionage and even high treason.
These detainees are tortured both physically and mentally and now the government is using increased executions as a deterrent method.
We are sure that you are well informed on the recent five political executions and no doubt additional executions will take place.

Currently a balance of power between the people and its government is absent where few dictate their vote upon the rest. Even notable figures such Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi whom are supported by the people have been threatened to either surrender or be detained.
The Iranian nation is at its most difficult and complex juncture in its history, some governments in our global community have adopted a very unfortunate and dangerous position where transactions are undertaken behind the curtains with the despotic religious authorities in Iran. It is these transactions that enable the continuing repression of the children of Iran, where minors are executed.
In light of these current events we once again ask of you to give special attention to these matters in order to put an end to the executions and torture of political prisoners and demand their immediate release. Please take prompt action and hold the Iranian government responsible for their actions against the international human rights treaties.

Our immediate demands are:
• End the torture and execution of political prisoners in Iran
• Immediately and unconditionally releases all political prisoners from detention
• Respect the international Human Rights conventions

Currently a vast majority of the political detainees are considered enemies of the state. Amongst these detainees you have people from the secular oppositions of the Islamic republic of Iran and its pro-reform movement, these prisoners come from different religious and Ethnics groups such as Kurdish, Azeris, Baluchis and Ahwazis…., Journalists, artists, scientists, students, workers, women and teachers whom all are in threat of execution. Please see the following list below to find some of the political prisoners that are detained and tortured for fighting for their basic human rights and democracy:

Ayatollah Kazemini Boroujerdi, Mansour Osanloo, Hosein Khezri , Behrouz Javid-Tehrani, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Shiva Nazar-Ahari, Mahbobeh Karami, Mohsen daneshpour-Moghdam (70 years old) and Ahmad Daneshpour-Moghadam, Mohammad Amin Aghoshi, Ahmad Poladkhan (Kurdish Hayat Party-Pezak), Ahmad Zeydabadi, Bahare Hedayat, Esa Saharkhiz, Abdollah Momeni, Masoud Bastani, Mehdi Khodai, Mohammad Ali Haj-aghai, Abdollreza Ghanbari, Jafar Kazemi, Mohammad Oliai-Fard, Azize Momadzad, Habibollah Latifi, Badrolsadat Mofidi, Milad Ebrahimian, Akbar Karami, ِDavood Soleimani, Abdoreza Ahmadi, Hesam Firouzi, Nasour Naghipour, Lale Hasan pour, Shabnam Madadzade, Mehdi Mahmoudian, Mojtaba Lotfi, Reza Khandan, Ahmad Ghabel Rouhani Noandish, Mehdi Torabi, Amir-Ehsan Tehrani Sekhavat, Nima Golzari, Raziye Alemi, Mohammad Nourizad, Masoud lavasani, Sahand Ali Mohammadi, Bakhshali Mohammadi, Ebadollah Ghasemzade( the followers of Ahl-e-Hagh group in Yazd prison), Mitra Ali, Arsalan Abadi, Iman Zarei, Meysam Beig-Mohammadi, Kiarash Kamrani, Arash Sadeghi, Salamat Mahdavigolrou, Ali Malihi, Majid Tavakoli, Dorsa Sobhani( Baha’i), Nafiseh Mojtahedi, Morad Hasanlou, Zahra Asadpour Gorgi,Tahmine Momeni, Fatemeh Khorramlou, Maryam Zia, Azar Mansouri, Hengame Shahidi, Zeinab Jalalian, Mohammad-Amin Aabdollahian, Dr.Arash Alai & Kamyar Alai ( scientist),Ebrahim Madadi, Saeed Matinpoor,- Dr Ali Bikas, Nader karimi,-mahamad sadigh kaboudvand,- ali zahed,- majid dorri,- majid tavakoli , Kohyar Godarzi, Hosein Ronaghi, Jafar Eghdami,Habibollah Latifi, Shirkouh Moarefi, Hamid RezaMohamad, Seid jalaloildin Nabavi, Mehdi Tajic- Rasoul Bodagh, Hamer Yazerlo,H ood Yazarloo, Hamid kheirandish, Pezhman Rahimi & Esmail Vanadi( Ahvaz-worker), )Hafez Sardarpour, Mahnaz Karimi, Mostafa JamshidiT Ramin JabariT Nader Azizi, Mehdi Zeinali, Journalists from Azarbajan), Hadi Abed ba khoda (Rasht), Saeed Masori, Arash Ghasemi, Abolfazle Ghasemi, Omid Yavari, Monireh Rabii,Amir Reza Arefi, Hosein Azra Sadat, Ghazi Mojahed, Masoumeh Cheraghi, Javad Vafai, Peiman Ziraki, Mohammad Ali Haj-aghai, Jafar Kazemi, Hamed Rouhinezhad, Ahmad Karimi, Saeed Soud Melli, Mehrdad Aslani, Abolfazl Abedini Nejad, Kohzad Esmaelee, Hamzeh Karami, Arab Sorghi, Haleh Sarabi, Mehdi Kalari, Maziyar Bahari, Misagh yazdan Nejad, Ali Mahmodi, Saeed Noor Mohamadi, Azar Mansori, Mohamed Davari, Mehdi Mahmodiyan, Abdullah Mohamed poor Abdullah, Mohsen Ghomeyn,Nasir Asadi, Ali Vafghi, Massod Babapour, Arsalan Abadi,Sholeh Taeff (she is bahai ),Payam Fanayan (his bahai ), Sima Ashraghi ( she is bahi ), Rozita Vaseghi (she is bahi ), Davar Nabilzadeh ( he is bahi ), Jalayere Vahdat (he is bahi ), Nahid Ghadiri ( she is bahi ), Homan Bakht Avar (he is bahi ), Sima Rajabiyan ( she is bahi ), Ali Ehsani , Nasrin Ghadiri ( she is bahi ), Kaviz Nozdehi ( he is bahi ),Ssusan Tbiyaniyan ( she is bahi ), Habibullah Golparipour ( waitting for excuation at mehabad prison ), Ghadere Mohamadzadeh and Mohamad Amin Abdulahi (in yazd and tabas prison), Sadegh Ahangari (mehabad prison), Homayon Jaberri ( bus sendicate ), Hassan Salehzadeh ( member of teachers union in kordestan ), Saman Noraniyan, Arman Reza khani, Mehdi Eghbal, Mohamed Yousef -Rashidi, Alireza Azabad, Milad Assadi, Masomeh Yavari, Zahra Jabari, Mahamed Amin Valiyan, Saeed Masori (Mojahedin), Hiva Botimar, Asad Amini(Komale), Mohammad Ebrahimi ( Alam-Hagh-Edalat organistaion), Asad Bavi, Khaled Ostad Ghazi( Kurdish democrat Party), Saeed Abdollahi (Komale), Mehdi Bahele( Komale Party), Taher Abdollah Sour( Kurdish democrat party),Karim Ghader, Yaser Majidi(Mojahedin), Heidar Nouri (Mojahedin), Yones Aghayan(Alavi religion), Mehdi Ghasemzadeh (Alavi Religion), Abdoullah Ghasemzadeh (Alavi Religion), Abdoul-Reza Ahmadi, Mohsen Ba piri ( Royalist supporter organisation), Hosein Ghazanfari (Royalist), Arzang Davoudi, (Mojahedin), (Ali Afkar, Abasali Afkar, Masoumeh Salari, Masumeh Salari, Reza shoghi och Hoseinieh Kazemi belongs to a religious Minority Daravish Nematollahi Ghonaabadi), Ebrahim Khorandi(Kurdish democrat Parti- PDKI), Mohamad Karim Zarrei(PDKI), Masoud Hosein Sana( sazeman Komalae), Ramazan Rashidi ( Pezak), Jamal Zarrei ( Komale Org.), Naser Satori ( Komale Org.), Naser Sadaghi (Komale) And thousands of other prisoners.


The Group of the families of the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran
The Group of the families of the political prisoners of Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKI)
Iranian Democratic front (abroad)
Heshmatollah Tabarzadi from Evin prison: speaker for Solidarity network for democracy and human rights in Iran
Supporter of Mr.Ayatollah Kazemini Borojerdi inside and outside of Iran
Committee of Supporter of Prince Reza Pahlavi
Ayatolah Kazemini Borojerdi for secularism and democrati in Iran from Evin Prison

Coordinator & Contact person
Victoria Azad Member of Amnesty International
Women´s rights & political Activist
Tel. 00 46 739383902

Copy to:
Leader of the Islamic Republic: Ayatollah Sayed ‘ Ali Khamenei
The Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street – End of Shahid Keshvar Doust Street, Tehran, Islamic
Republic of Iran
Email: info_leader@leader.ir
via website: http://www.leader.ir/langs/en/index.php?p=letter


Shohre said...

Our immediate demands are:
• End the torture and execution of political prisoners in Iran
• Immediately and unconditionally releases all political prisoners from detention
• Respect the international Human Rights conventions

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i cant understand why Mr.Ban ki moon is silent!!!

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