June 09, 2010

Statement by Ayatollah Boroujerdi

June 2010
In the name of God, beautiful and merciful,

In memory of the creator who forbade oppression and ordered kindness. Thanks to a religion that did not permit tyranny and condemned dictatorship.
Lord: now that our people are burned in the injustice of the state religion […] I am prepared for a red death and will reveal the crimes of a political Islam through my death.
Lord: long years of torment of this government have led to the collapse of my organs and destruction of my life. I do not forget the moment when one of the leaders in Palestine was released from an Israeli prison after a long time and we saw him on television: fit, healthy and cheery; contradicting all negative propaganda in the ruling media about the prisons in Israel. Comparing this with my own situation as an independent religious leader shows a horrific reality.

I have been under heavy pressure and had to face many problems since about seventeen years because I stand up for a religion separate from politics; four years ago the security forces attacked our spiritual gatherings, a lot of people died or were wounded in these unfair and unjust attacks […].
Now I am repeatedly subjected to different conspiracies of the Ministry of Information which aim at complete physical and mental destruction of a religious leader who opposes a state-controlled Islam. The state media attacks regularly my positions and beliefs, and I am tortured every day in Evin Prison physically and psychologically.
Indeed the difference between the traditional Iranian religion and the ruling political religion is the difference between earth to heaven! In our vision of God, human beings are respected, holy, honorable and free; No one can by any reason deny his freedom, independence, his rights of faith and ownership, and his social, intellectual and human credibility. Any restriction of the human being’s natural, physical and intellectual rights should be rejected. Crime, violence and betrayal in the name of religion are eternal injustice towards God.
In any country, oppression and repression are evil and should be condemned. But they are even more destructive if they are disguised as religious beliefs and are performed in the name of God and with spiritual guidance.
I greet you from inside the hot rods and chains of pain. All my countrymen suffering in poverty and disease, fire, and call the whole world to pray for us and to support our efforts to get rid of this autocratic earthquake.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi


Anonymous said...

You are best Great Boroujerdi!

pooran said...

down with this government

Anonymous said...

This man is outstandingly courageous
and should be freed from confinement. May God forgive those whom have acted against him!!