September 22, 2014

I Implore You to Sympathize with Our Plight

Your Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations:

Greetings to the respected United Nations General Assembly.  I am writing you as a political prisoner from the dreaded Evin Prison. I have been imprisoned and tortured for the past eight years for simply speaking out against political Islam and the cruel crimes committed by the government of Iran against its citizens due to implementation of religious laws.
I would like to bring to your attention that Iran’s natural resources along with its national wealth are being spent- as a matter of priority- on funding Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and Iraq by the authorities while Iran’s own citizens are enduring widespread poverty, unprecedented unemployment along with high rates of depression and physical ailments. People in Iran have therefore lost hope.  Our country has much wealth so why is it that our own citizens are not living at the very least an average quality of life?
Respected ladies and gentlemen of the General Assembly; in my country the iron guard, censorship and repression do not allow anyone to breathe a word.  In other countries people regularly speak out against inflation, discrimination and unemployment, but the Iranian government has the rest of the world convinced that its citizens are happy, content and comfortably living in peace without complaints. Are the hungry, unemployed Iranians so happy that they are choosing to remain silent or are they silent because of heavy policing and security agents? Here the police do not allow the gatherings of more than five people. We are forced into silence.
The respected members of this assembly; as you are gathered together please hear the cries of the Iranian people. The government confiscates properties, loots and steals and there is no one to help us stop them. The silent destruction of Iran and its people should be cause for great alarm for the rest of the world. Do you not see that Iran is being ruled by tyranny and rulers who have given themselves permission to spend Iran’s resources and money on everyone else but its own citizens?
It shall be noted by future generations that I have made the world aware of the dire situation in Iran numerous times. Those of you, who are well aware of our desperate plight, hear our cries and remain indifferent shall be remembered for generations to come.
I implore you to sympathize with our plight and understand that we are being silenced.  We are asking for help once again.

Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi
September 2014
Evin Prison- Tehran, Iran

Translated by: Shadi Paveh

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