September 12, 2014

Political Religion is the Roots of all Crises, Atrocities and Crimes

 Political Religion is an incurable pain which in every age is like a cancerous tumor which makes Sickness’ of Monotheism and also embarrasses the faithful people. Materialistic religion has always sought to exploit the optimistic believers which under the rule of religion and spirituality seek out the illegitimate domination and unfairly targets those that are illegal. Human history indicates that the violence of the religious has put the creator under accusation and has developed their materialistic greed and sensuality.

In the past, in the name of God the Merciful, much bleeding was performed and religious faiths were ashamed of the Calendar of Humanity. The obscenity of conflating religious beliefs in the scope of politics can be easily seen in organizations of extremist groups with associated elements of pressure, and discover the secrets of Theologians that have banned the entry to the political sphere. Authoritarian governments claimed Islam, on the Route of plurality of circuit and avarice has narrowed the life for their people and their nations around the world. Disasters and religious corruption has led to avoiding the monotheistic principles. The Ottoman Empire was the functional religious law and had dominated the other countries, and also provided the intellectual transformations of religion. Eventually, its collapse was a heavy blow to Islam.
In The occurrence and formation of the armies of jihadists and armies of suicide bombers, the individual freedom and social norms were destroyed.  It has also assigned notoriety and stigma to the heavenly apostles. The creation of religion-oriented regimes has established dictatorships that risk of harm and losses  beyond and more horrifying than the authoritarian political systems of the world. Now, the mirror of the oppressive governors has penetrated in everywhere. Iran's governing delegation is the inspiration for all activists religious in different countries that are thirty-five years used the reservoir of Prophethood and Guardianship until now our homeland has turned in ruins, and become a center for Addiction and poverty, disease, depression, and premature death. It is kind of a humorous joke that our infamous and intoxicating leaders pretend to defend the women and children of Gaza and spend the assets of our oppressed country to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Assad missiles and UAVs while the owners of looted public funds, suffer the poverty and distress of suicide, divorce and the sale of organs.
Where are the patriots, peacemakers and justice seekers to rescue our helpless vassal who was beaten? In every country from which people can come to the streets in order to demonstrate their protest to Officials and Statesmen. Even, we have seen the poorest citizens in America have the right to protest their government. But in this exotic land, people suffered from suppression and  repression by the supreme, the assembly of more than four people is prohibited,  and any shouting leads to Solitary Confinement in Ward 209 of Evin prison,  where guards at the prison strap, smother, and the cut the limbs and tongues.

The Iranians, who left their homes, please help us.
Proud owners of conscience, please send our voice to the rest of the world.
Dear Iranians who left their homes please help us.
 Proud owners of conscience, please diffuse our voice to the world 
 The nobility noble please cry for us.
 Media owners, please reflect our news.
Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
September 2014
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran 

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