September 24, 2014

Threats to Ayatollah Boroujerdi Death Penalty

Mohammad Movahedi
According to the report of  "Human Rights and Democracy in Iran," the prosecutor of the Special Clerical who is named Movahedi went to the Special Clerical ward of Evin Prison , then he  threatened and harassed Mr.Boroujerdi.

On the first Tuesday of Meher ( in persian), Mohammad Movahedi, the prosecutor of the Special Clerical ,went to the Special Clerical ward, and brought along the new book of Mr.Boroujerdi for which he has been collecting and teaching from inside prison. Mr Movahedi stated that the convictions and views of Mr. Boroujerdi are heretical. Particularly, to the interpretation and comments of leadership. Mr Khamenei was opposed. Movahedi said that for Mr. Boroujerdi, the writer of this book and all those who had proceeded to publish and disseminate  this book will be sentenced  for apostasy and executed.

 In this bickering, Mr Kazemeini Boroujerdi said that all his comments are based on religious documentation and he was willing to have an international polemical disputation with Ulama.

Movahedi said in response that we do not tend to disputations, we only punish and denounce our opponents at trial. This is why,Mr Boroujerdi was threatened with the death penalty by the prosecutor the Special Clerical religious dictatorship.just for expressing his ideas and the expression of religious doctrines
This is while Iranian President Hassan Rouhani  arrived in New York to attend the 69th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.  Mr. Hassan Rohani is in the UN summit in New York to justify the faces of philanthropy of the Islamic Republic.

The Human Rights and Democracy in Iran strongly condemns the threats and harassment to the  cleric Ayatollah Boroujerdi and apply from  the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international judicial establishments to take urgent action for the release of immediately and unconditionally all political prisoners in Iran.

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