October 13, 2014

Unveil the Faces of the Shrewd Ruling Players

On the anniversary of the raid on Mr. Kazemini Broojerdi’s house on October 2006, he had written an article in prison by the following entire text before being transferred to solitary ward to be quarantined prior to execution,:
In the anniversary of the Mongol-like invasion of the fascistic regime of Velayat-e Faqih [the Absolute Guardianship of the Jurisprudent], I would like to express my pure respects to my innocent and unprotected compatriots.
Greeting from a prisoner captured for nine years by political Islam to all liberal people worldwide.
The souvenir of my nine years imprisonment is the experience of deadly psychological, physical and family tortures inflicted by the ungodly and assassin clergies.
During these continuous years, I was constantly deprived of medicine and was prevented from receiving treatment, and disallowed to have attorney services. During this period of time, I realized the treason, treachery and meanness of the religious government, so I freed myself from the laws of revolutionary religion, and I am expressing my total disgust from this ruling religion.
How can one condemn and fight (declare Jihad) against armed radical groups who are slaughtering and spreading violence and terror in the name of the Prophet’s caliphate, but to forget about those who are nourishing terrorists in neighboring countries, and conspiring and creating riots, and plundering people's wealth, committing the destruction of our dear Iran, and forcing the noble and honorable Iranian people into poverty, infliction of pain, misery and daily death.
The outcome of thirty five years of ruling Islamic Republic in Iran has been that of censorship of the media, disappearance of freedom of thought, development of large prisons, rejection of intellectuals, and the oppression of religious opinions.  In the slaughterhouse of the Evin prison, I have constantly been witnessing the killings of peace makers and suspicious murders of human rights defenders; I am hereby stating all the immoral aspects of our despotic rulers who act against the rightful divine monotheism. 
The black, tyrannical and shameful dossier of those rulers who claim spirituality and holiness, is so violent and frightful that when we look at the magician like and deceiving propaganda of the mass media of our country, these lies and sabotages, with inverted views, we feel like passing out because of their excessive demagoguery and untruthfulness. As a result, and from my hellish pulpit I am crying out to conscientious people in this world, please understand us; you kind leaders of the world nations, have mercy on us and take a realistic look at us, you the great ones of heavenly religions, save God from them, as our impudent rulers have disgraced the creator.   
You, the leaders of Islamic religions! Respond to the imploration and call of suffering from the Prophet, and unveil the faces of our shrewd ruling players who have left no credibility for the Prophet in Iran and the world.
Today the only thing that remains in our looted country is the war machine and the strangulation apparatus of the ruling Jurist [Faqih]; they have even plundered the bread & water and livelihood of our compatriots and have converted this rich land, which is full of resources, into a miserable land - into poverty and wretchedness. 

This patient (note: referring to himself) is about to die and his last pulsing heart is roaring against the criminals who are committing themselves to unlawful demands. I bring their cruelty and treason like acts against the defenseless and unarmed Iran citizens to the attention of the world.  I am a public defender, echoing the grievances and complaints of tens of millions of unemployed, miserable and poor Iranians who are about to die. I am hereby announcing that all the United Nations institutions are responsible for our annihilation, and no excuses will be accepted for their silence from the justice, peace and freedom seeking individuals and organizations.

Seyed Hossdein Kazemini Broojerdi
October 2014

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