August 27, 2012

Kazemeini Boroujerdi addressing the Founder of the Islamic Revolution

Arise and look at what your commitment and efforts have wrought in today’s Iran. Since you imposed and ruled over Iran with your version of political Islam, true religion and Sharia law have been destroyed. Every aspect of the current regime is just a totalitarian and corrupt dictatorship where the crown has been replaced by the turban. All levels of Iran’s government reflect the actions and policies of the leader of the Al-Bani Omaye, Al-Bani Marvan, and Al-Bani Abbas. This has simply been a resurgence of the religious tyranny of the Ottoman Empire.
On the first day of his rule, the Founder of the Islamic Revolution stood on the martyred bodies of anti-government protesters and made a public commitment that this Imperial history would terminate and become extinct. Independence of thought and belief was to be protected in this new government, and all legitimate, popular and traditional freedoms would be retained. The people were told this new Republic was established so that people can live freely and not be oppressed or imprisoned by the government. A form of Islam would be established which would be free of violence, evil and cruelty. Under this religious government, all of society would be safe from any attack, and public education would be completely free of censorship and of cost. Health care would also be free throughout life. Censorship, repression and torture would be abolished.
33 years have now passed since these promises were made, but nothing has been achieved except poverty, discrimination, oppression, and an oppressive dictatorship which is ruthless in its dealings with the people. Except the few million who are connected to this oppressive regime, all the rest have only tragic lives filled with pain, sorrow and despair, followed by an unnecessarily painful death. The Founder of the Revolution was only interested in expanding his wealth and power, and his influence into other countries.

So, now rise and look at the results of your corrupt, tyrannical rule on Iran: the hell of poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, prostitution, divorce, disillusionment and despair -- instead of the promised heaven and utopia. The people no longer have a good opinion of or see any dignity in religion and spirituality. We are an unaligned group of people who have come to see that the original and current Iranian Supreme Leaders have sought only to make Iran superpower intent on forming an Islamic-only union, and do not care for the welfare of its people.

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 

Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran

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