August 12, 2012

Kazemeini Boroujerdi's message to Olympics participants

In the international community linking politics with sports may be considered unpleasant; however considerations for human rights supersede all other issues.  Neglecting such fundamental rights causes irreparable harm to human dignity and degrades humanistic values.  Therefore one must place political convictions foremost in all matters.

Greetings to the all those involved in the Olympics, Athletes, Organizers, other Authorities, Hosts and Audience Members:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
This letter is from a prisoner of conscience in Iran who has been jailed for seven years for speaking out against pervasive violations of human rights by Iran‘s religious dictatorship. He has been denied all legal representation and medical care, including needed medications, and is dying because of that lack of medical care. He needs your immediate help.

Dear People of the World,
Please pray for Iran. This impoverished nation was deceived by the lies and deceptive slogans of the founders of the Iranian Revolution. The Iranian people have sacrificed so much in their hopes for a better future life, but they have become greatly disillusioned after watching the plundering of their country’s wealth and natural resources. Once among the wealthiest in the world, the Iranian people are now among the poorest and most suffering in the world.

Dear People of the World,
Those who govern Iran are actively interfering in and undermining all the world‘s countries, specifically other countries in the Middle East. What they are trying to establish is an Islamic Soviet Union, thereby is destroying the Middle East in the process.
These ambitious Iranian leaders have plundered the country’s wealth and resources, ruined its economy and oppressed its people in the name of religion and spirituality. The Iranian people are now deprived of the most basic of acceptable living conditions, and any attempts made to object to the poverty and suffering are brutally and immediately suppressed. And now these Iranian leaders are doing the same to the rest of the Middle East and beyond. They have built bases in many countries, including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Bahrain and Myanmar. The leaders of this country are using its stolen wealth to enrich themselves and fund colonial and authoritarian movements in other countries.
As an Iranian leader who has imprisoned and tortured for protesting the evil actions and plans of the Iranian leaders, I call on all of you to inform the people in your countries and worldwide about their ongoing crimes. Please do what you can to stop them.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi 

Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran, August 2012

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