August 01, 2012

Kazemeini Boroujerdi's letter to Ayatollah Sistani

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh zand
Salam o Aleykom and may God’s peace be with you, your Holiness, Ayatollah Sistani,

I am a humble man of the cloth, who has spent the last seven years incarcerated by the Velatyat’eh Faghih, under the most unmentionable physical and psychological torture. Innocent members of my family have also endured the very same hardship.
I am the grandson of Seyyed Mohsen Arji Baghdadi-Kazemeini whom, as you know was a high ranking preacher among Muslims. My own father was also a leader among Shi’ites.

The reason for being imprisoned and treated as such by those who rule through the Sharia law, is that I had a remarkable social standing and a n extensive network of faithful who would attend my speeches in order to be imbued with the spirit of worship and the divine.

However given that yours truly, like my ancestors before me, am strictly against politicized religion, and have for years called for the separation of religion and state, I have been subjected to spending my days in abject hardship, torture and the onset of various ailments for which I am refused all medical treatment and medication.

Though I know that this correspondence will not reach you in a timely fashion, I am writing it in the form of an open letter and am conveying it to the hands of time in order for it to be accessible to all those in the future, so that they come to know the truth regarding that so-called revolution, and the macabre secrets that this religionist regime harbors.

Your Holiness, Ayatollah Sistani, the propaganda set forth by these dictators is such that everyone in my country has come to believe that you support these ruling Mullahs, and that you stand by them while they abuse the innocent people of Iran. Today, the citizens of the 12th Imam’s land live in abject poverty and devastation. Millions of Iranians, as a result of financial deprivation,  die . Our young Shiites have turned against God as a result of the violations they witness daily, moral paucity and simply put, the desperate need for the most basic needs in life.

The sources of faith and imitation in Iran are generally in the pockets of the tyrants and do nothing more than fawn over the cruelty and misery hoisted on the average Iranian, at the hands of the overlords of this regime. Having seen what becomes of clerics such as myself, the rest of the clergy go about their business like nothing is wrong; they put on their Abaya, their turbans and turn a willfully blind eye against all that is objectionable. Please your Holiness, you judge what is to become of the good children of this land.

Soon you will have to say a prayer for the destruction of all that is sacred and the exclusion of Shiitism.

Seyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi

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