August 11, 2012

Respected leaders of the Non-Aligned countries

Respectful greeting to you by imprisoned historians;I apologize for not being able to present this letter stating my trouble in person , Inevitably I offer to all contemporary humanity.
Honorable members of the Non- Aligned conference
As a 7 year detainee against the Iran dictatorship regime (who spends this period without any medical treatment, any lawyer and has jailed in inhumane conditions), and also as a divine leader and spokesman of this wretched and plundered nation, I welcome you to Iran, the country of wail.

Non- Aligned humanitarian authorities
You who are independent in political thought and have a separate position regardless to west or east, haven’t you made the moral, emotional, and human obligation as your motto?
Aren’t you required to defend the oppressed people under dictatorship?
How do you cooperate and deal with such tyranny regime of Iran and put your signature on their authoritarian ways?
Have you ever asked yourselves why the oppressed people of Iran are so silent while all the nations around the world protest against poverty, oppression and unemployment?
The Iranian regime claiming Islam, eavesdropping and searching the people’s houses like an iron guard and all the cries for justice have been stifled in embryo. You have come to a country having enormous natural resources and worth but most people are living under poverty line.
Iran’s current government is not committed to do anything. During first days they came to Iran with the slogan “the promise of making Iran a paradise” but instead, they grant to people the hell of suffering, persecution and general misery.
The main effort of those involved in this regime is to abuse the neighboring countries and create heavy and ultra peripheral weapons.
I am waiting a hoping for your sympathy to be translated into action to protect the people of Iran.
Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi, Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran, August 2012

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