February 27, 2017

A Short Review of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi's Campaign

Mr. Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi is an Iranian political opponent who has ran a campaign based on his consciences against the tyranny rulers of Iran for last twenty five years. Actually as a religious leader, he has promoted the pure monotheism excluding violence and tyranny during last forty years and publicized several scientific, research and education publications which have been registered in the history of religious and theological studies. So many Iranian people have become his followers and supported him while facing the assaults of the ruling Mullahs until being arrested, jailed and tortured along with him and his family members.
This teacher is basically an opponent of political religion and governmental faith; so as a result of struggling firmly against the fascist regime of Iran, he lost his youth and health whereas his family is disintegrated and his belongings have been confiscated. During his last imprisonment which was continued for eleven years since 2006, he has been jailed in worst life conditions and mercilessly subjected to the most cruel and inhuman physical and psychological tortures. Mr. Boroujerdi has recently sent out for his first temporary medical leave since being jailed on 4 January 2017 after his physical conditions was critically deteriorated. However, he had been forced into accepting serious conditions imposed by the rulers, such as bails, bondsmen, and severe commitments including “never to meet people”.

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