February 18, 2017

Aversion to Evil Chess Moves Played in Global Politics

It is indeed a sad matter to see the Iranian people place their hopes on Iranian political maneuverers who have disgraced their honor, dignity and conscience for material and immoral dealings, and who are not bound by any humanitarian commitments and moral interactions. It is absolutely regretful and unfortunate that they suggest to our wounded and ailing teacher, who has suffered eleven years of degradation, decrepitude and disintegration in the Evin prison, to either act as the leader of the people by placing them against bullets, or else to give them money so that they may show some kind of a support for his movement.

Alas, the opposition to the Iranian regime has been plagued with the tragedy of narrow mindedness; instead of bringing relief to the pains of this politico-ideological prisoner, and to show sympathy towards him for this extensive campaign against the religious dictatorship regime since over a decade, which has been denounced and exposed through hundreds of statements and announcements, they have the audacity and indecency to ask him for bribes. In other words they are playing with the lives of the Iranian nation, and in order to take power, they are prepared to destroy the children of this sacred land and territory. The pages of history will not forget these decisive moments.
How can Boroujerdi who is not even able to provide for the expenses of his treatments, fill up the pockets of these people who claim to be opponents of the regime?
The secrets of these Iranian expatriates who are non-committed to human rights will be unveiled soon and these traitors will be shamed and disgraced.
Hence, it is now clear that the world of politics is the world of hostage taking, exaction, blackmail and bullying, and opposing the oppressed and betraying the citizens. Boroujerdi, who has had all his belongings confiscated, should now pay for the expenses of these expatriates?
The group of attorneys of the teacher of “Borderless Monotheism”

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