February 20, 2017

Is this the Outcome of a Decade Struggle against Authoritarianism?

At the threshold of the thirty eighth year of the establishment of Islamic State in Iran, this question should be addressed: what is the reason for the persistence of this regime? Aside from the reasons which are obvious to everyone, one of the most important causes is the lack of confidence of the majority of the people towards political activists and those who pretend to defend human rights; and even though the Iranian nation are now in a state of gradual and painful death, no effective movement or uprising can be seen on their behalf. Indeed, the basic question of the Iranian citizens is who will take control of this territory after this regime?

Unfortunately the background and report card of the opponents of this regime is still not clear or transparent; and many of the regime’s opponents who sacrificed their lives for fighting against the Iranian regime, had never enough efficiency so far.
The lack of unity, scattered actions, and resorting to a segment of the regime or to certain opponents that are actually fabricated by the regime, and more importantly, the lack of support for the real opponents and activists who have emerged from the within the society, are the main reasons for the failure of those who advocate freedom for Iran.
The best example which can be provided is the case of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi. When in 2006 he was calling out and protesting against the regime for resorting to force and bloodshed, he and his followers were acting as forerunners who had broken into the red lines traced by the regime and had come forward. This movement had taken shape in an atmosphere where suffocation and repression by the regime had already paralyzed the society, and no one dared to speak out. But he dared to speak up and to demand and defend people’s rights. When he was subject to the brutal armed aggression of the agents of the regime about eleven years ago, and his family along with his followers and himself were attacked and beaten and taken to prison for being tortured; what kind of a support did the leaders of the opposition, and the free foreign media show?
Mr. Boroujerdi was a captive of the dictatorial regime for almost eleven years; charged for this belief in the separation of religion from politics and for thirty five years of pure monotheistic teachings devoid of violence and force. He was kept in the worst physical and psychological and family related conditions. Twenty five years of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s struggle is exemplary among tens of thousands of clergymen. He had an unparalleled audacity and courage to stand up against the tyrannical and authoritarian regime, and because of this he was tortured and harassed in different prisons. In particular, he spent many months in section 209 of the Ministry of intelligence in the Evin prison, but no international institution or a Human rights organization showed any real support for him and they did not defend him. While he was crying out innocently, the global community that claims to be fighting oppression did not show the least appropriate, timely or effective action. He endured deplorable conditions for eleven years, with poor nutrition, inhumane treatment, and unjustly attacks, resulting in brain lesions, damages to his spinal cord and heart as well as neurological impacts.
During the 10 years of his continuous imprisonment, he fearlessly and courageously stood up against the tyrannical and authoritarian regime and was tortured. While he was in the most critical situation and his family was facing various threats and financial and social dilemmas, he continued his fight. During this time, he corresponded from inside the jail to the political and human rights authorities and activists, as well as the international media, and each one of the statements that he issued in support of the Iranian people’s campaign, angered the regime even more. They looted his belongings, and refused to return his material belongings and his spiritual works. Hence, the manuscript books and heritage of his forefathers, evaluated at millions dollars, were stolen and none of the local authorities were to be accountable for it. At that time, the politicians residing outside of Iran were carrying out their own lives in comfort, and were mocking this prisoner of conscience.
This prisoner of conscience continued his combat to the point that the authorities of the special court for the clergy, such as Jaafar Ghadiani, the former prosecutor of the clergy, admitted that “the entire prisoners of the regime can be considered as equal to Boroujerdi. Because the costs that he has created for the regime and the harm that he alone has brought to us are equal to them all.” Ghadiani told this, because the regime knows very well that the level of his claims and the goal that he pursues is damaging to their power structure and the type of his antagonism with the regime is exclusive.
Now, the question that comes up is: was he defended in accordance with the level of his struggles? What effective action was taken in his defense that can be singled out?
Who else has been able to issue hundreds of harsh political statements from behind the bars, and the impregnable tall fences and walls of the Evin prison? At the time when the political activists within the country, were speaking with caution, and by observing the red lines traced by the regime, and those disputing the regime outside of the country, free of any kind of threat and in total tranquility continued their beautiful and ideal lives, this firm and non-compromising leader had angered the judicial, intelligence and security authorities, and Ghadiani, the former prosecutor of the court for the clergy told him: “now you are in our grip and you are talking and writing against us in such an emboldened manner that even Massoud Rajavi (one of the Iranian opposition leaders in exile) in France did not dare to do!
Today, after almost eleven years, doesn’t the history of support for Mr. Borouherdi appear as ridiculous and absurd? Is it not true that such apathy and abjurations embolden the dictator to increase his violence and brutality? Is it not true that these non-fulfillments of promises have led to disappointment of Mr. Boroujerdi and despair in his process for fighting against tyranny? In response to the critics who question the reason for Boroujerdi’s retreat from politics during the past two years, we say that the reason is the betrayal and disloyalty of the politicians. Why have you forgotten about the causes and are only considering the effects? It is really regretful and worrisome that a character like him has become the object of political and international dealings and trade-offs.
Those who do not remember his social power, should not forget that 11 years ago he organized a very important and incredible meeting at the Shahid Keshvari Stadium, which is the largest covered sport complex in Iran, where the entrance to the stadium and the streets, as well as the two squares of Javanan and Ketabi and their surroundings became full of people, so that the Ministry of intelligence declared the area as a red zone. This took place while he was not allowed to engage with the media. Now that he has become a well-known figure throughout the world, can we not say that the one hundred and fifty thousand who attended his meeting will be increased to millions of people today? When the photographs of that meeting were published, the number of people who had attended the meeting was comparable to the number of people attending the Friday prayers of Tehran.
During the seventy days that he was under house arrest, surrounded by security and intelligence and judicial forces, is it not true that those claiming to be the leaders of the opposition to the regime, made all kinds of promises for cooperation and aids during lengthy telephone conversations with him? Is it not true that they encouraged him with confidence and hope? Is it not true that the prominent opposition leaders told him to extend his speech further than targeting the aggressors of the judiciary and the security and to address the entire government, so that the entire world may support him with all its force?
How can these facts be ignored and how can they deny the interactions they had with him eleven years ago?
The recordings of the said conversations are available in Boroujerdi’s archives and in his judicial case. Today, they are mocking the harsh years of his imprisonment, while most of them have never spent a day in jail and have lived in luxury and opulence, and some have even built great economic wealth; how can they understand the pains endured by the hundreds who were imprisoned along with Boroujerdi?
Considering that Mr. Boroujerdi was forced to retreat because of lack of support of politicians and the opposition to the Iranian regime, and the absence of support for his strong positions that can be considered as wasted efforts, the agents of the regime cut off his possibility of expression and speech, and despite the completion of his unjust prison sentence, they added yet another year to it. So as he has been inflicted with serious cardiovascular, cerebral, and bone lesions, they demanded collaterals in order to allow emergency treatments for him, and gave permission for a medical leave in order to rid themselves of the routine and his gradual death, and now that he is out of the prison, they have banned visits from his friends, relatives and followers.
Now that he is on a short medical leave with the provided guarantees and bails, as well as thousands of other obligatory conditions, instead of welcoming him after so many years of his activism, combating and imprisonment, and to help him out with his treatment, and to support his family, they are declaring a war on him and bothering him, and even telling him that he is just a regular prisoner and an ordinary person! This kind of an encounter is even worse than the physical tortures that were inflicted on him by the security and intelligence elements of the regime.
In response to those who are telling Mr. Boroujerdi that he is just a regular prisoner and an ordinary person, we say: how can he be just an ordinary person, when the regime looks at him in such a cautious and compulsive way? Pay attention to the fact that he endured ten years of imprisonment including one year of solitary confinement in the 209 and 241 sections of the Evin prison, and at the end they added another year to his imprisonment; his family, followers and himself have been tortured, and that he has been allowed to go on a medical leave against three hundred million Toomans of collaterals and guarantees provided by two bondsmen. He is banned from having visits, while he is actually owed the equivalent of a year of forlough, they never allowed him to have a medical leave and he was not allowed to receive treatments outside of the prison. Considering all this, how can you still they that he is just a regular person?
They should be aware that Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi has no intention of acting as a leader whether in political or religious domains, because he has not had a pleasant experience during his decade of struggling against the regime, and has become despondent, and has lost his motivation due to the inattention of those who claim to be fighting for freedom. With regards to his religious tutelage, he has set aside his habit for good, and his outlook and viewpoint towards religions and beliefs is completely non-exclusive and non-fanatical.
How can the Iranian nation have trust in politicians outside of the country, when they see this kind of hypocrisy and non-chivalrous behavior from them?
Kazemeini Boroujerdi is now like a businessman whose capital is placed in the trust fund of time.

The Representatives of the Great Teacher, Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

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