February 27, 2017

A Letter of Protest to the Contemporary Iranian History

During the few months (in 2006) that our great teacher, together with this family and students were under the siege by the intelligence, security and police forces, the opposition leaders were constantly encouraging, endorsing and instigating him through telephone conversations, asking him to stand up against the powerful regime and to bear the heavy costs that it would entail; in such a way that when his house was attacked by the armed agents of the regime, and the Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian police and the militia and security forces surrounded the entire Enghelab square in Tehran, it resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people and the arresting of nearly a thousand.
But what is significant in this matter and will never be erased from the pages of history, is the promises and vows made by the opposition leaders who reside abroad; whose conversations with our teacher are registered and kept in archives, and if deemed necessary to protect national interests, will be sent to the worldwide media. These are some of the worst tactics and political tricks that the materialistic politicians deploy - solicitation of others based on empty promises to follow their own interests, and then, leaving them alone and defenseless in such a disloyal way.
Our oppressed youth is deceived by these opposition trends, and ends up without protection within the country, and without help from those residing abroad. If you listen to the recordings that make promises and commitments to this political-ideological prisoner, whose background in fighting against injustice has been much more comprehensive and effective compared to many others - both in essence and in substance; and when you see that he is confronted with such a weak and deplorable response, you will understand the reason for the long existence of the present regime, and will understand the reason of setbacks that the defenders of freedom have experienced - both  in time and place, as result of lies and deceitfulness that the dishonest and money-oriented politicians have expressed.
This statement is an announcement for sympathizing with a nation that has constantly fallen prey to unscrupulous politicians; and until now, no one has come forward to help the oppressed Iranian people, and as a result, the pains of the poor and suffering people persists.

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