August 08, 2014

A Bleak Human Rights Picture

The Chairman of the Commission on Religious Freedom  expressed concern about  deteriorating Ayatollah Boroujerdi situation.
It’s been more than a year since the election of President Hassan Rouhani in Iran and despite his campaign promises; Iran’s human rights situation has not improved .
Hundreds of political prisoners remain incarcerated, executions after dubious trials continue, the internet is still censored, and ethnic and religious minorities are persecuted.
In testimony before congress, Dr. Robert George, chairman of the –U.S. Commission on international religious freedom said the Iranian regime’s human rights and religious freedom record, most feature centrally in any assessment  of Iran,  and the picture is bleak.
 Iran’s already dire religious freedom conditions have deteriorated during the Rohani tenure, particularly for Baha’is, Christians and Muslims belonging to minority Sufi and Sunni sends. He pointed also to the plate of imprisoned Shia cleric Ayatollah Boroujerdi and the cases of jailed Christian pastors Farshid Fathi and Saeed Abedini. Dr.  George noted that dissidents and rights defenders have been increasingly targeted for the spurious Prim of waging war against God.
But the regime’s theocratic rulers are waging war against basic human rights of Iranian people.”
 These abuses demand our attention and action said Dr.  George and in like of ongoing nuclear negotiations; he called on Iran to demonstrate a commitment to peaceful intentions abroad by ceasing its war at home against its own people and their rights.

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