August 15, 2014

Kazemeini-Boroujerdi's Call for Legal and International Authorities Intervention

To the Attention of the Esteemed President of the International Criminal, Chief Prosecutor and the Supreme Judge, and the Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 
Greetings from this Pastor and prisoner, defender of humanity and protector of the oppressed whose rights have been trampled and looted. From within my prison cell I echo to you the cries of a desperate and captive nation.
 As someone who seeks justice for the historical protests against the despots ruling over our country, I call upon you, the legal authorities to assist us in investigating and researching this decades long tyranny that masquerades in the guise of religion, and accept the crimes perpetrated against the Iranian people as a criminal case. 
It has been thirty five years that these ruling bullies, these deceivers and traitors grabbed power in the name of the Almighty and spirituality and they have systematically destroyed this country. 
Is there any room in your court, to save a nation who has been suffocated and has been downtrodden? 
This archaic regime’s claim has always been that it is ‘populist’ and that it’s efforts are on behalf of the majority. But do these rulers permit the presence or activities of anyone who opposes them? Do they allow the statistics and numbers of the supporters and opponents to be openly viewed? 
At present, in the capital of our nation, there is a dark military rule at the helm, which means that in our society, with the exception of the select few, anyone can be swiftly and decisively cut down and expended. Now, given such dangerous security and intelligence conditions, how could the citizens express their hopelessness, desperation and want? 
Indubitably, our land is among the richest on the globe; so why is it that this regime itself announces that close to 90% of our population lives on or below the poverty line? What force can stand up to this Monarchy of the Guardians and prohibit them from further plundering the country’s wealth and income from the sale of our national natural resources to finance Hamas, Nasrollah, Asad, Bahraini and Iraqi agitators? 
My fellow compatriots do not have the power to confront these totalitarians who are armed to the teeth, have no conscience and slaughter as a matter of daily routine. How would Iranians gain control over their God given resources?
The prisons of this country are filled to the brim with protesters and opponents of the regime; the cemeteries are replete with the graves of our youth and the innocent. The hospitals is full of the sick who haven’t a penny, and the mental asylums are overflowing with great scientific, political, economic and social minds, all of whom are paying for the transgressions of the elite of this nefarious government. Rehabilitation centers that are for treatment of drug addiction are now teeming with the ever-growing number of men and women, young and old who have been driven to give up on life; and as a result of financial ruination, stress and anxiety, the family unit has fallen victim to the sins of these authorities. Finally, the Mosques have become the outposts for their co-conspirators and agents.
As for myself, I have now begun my ninth year behind these bars only because I have opposed the revolution of the fanatics. I have been prohibited from any and all legal representation and from receiving medical treatment and medication for my numerous, ever-worsening and now, chronic ailments. My youth is gone and my health is nearly destroyed and my family has become a victim of this regime’s continued harassment and persecution. 
At present, the world is witness to the atrocities committed by these dictators, and your qualified efforts would fully expose the nature of the autocrats controlling our land.

The writer of this letter of grievance is near death and desperately awaits international and legal support.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
Evin Prison, Tehran - Iran
August 2014

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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