August 27, 2014

Severe Violations of Religious Freedom in Iran

Aug 22, 2014
The U.S. State Department has once again designated Iran a country of particular concern, noting that nearly all non-Shia religious communities in Iran, as well as some dissident Shia Iranians, are subject to persecution, ranging from discrimination and harassment to arrest, torture and execution.

The report cites among many the cases are the seven Bahia’s leaders serving sentences up twenty years.  The seven members of Sufi orders sentenced to prison terms ranging from seven and a half to ten and half years. The due process violations in the trial of Sunni Imam,  Molavi , Fatehi, Mohhamad Nagsbandi , and 11 others. The arrest and sentencing of 80% lashes each before Christion for drinking wine during the communion service at a house church.
At the release of the report , secretary of state John  Kerry included Iran as he spoke of how government silence members of religious group with oppressive laws and harsh punishment . He also emphasized the bravery of those around the globe who despite these threats, persist in following their consciences at great personal cost.
Their courage goal unremarked but that makes it all the more remarkable because they put their lives on the line invasive beating and imprisonment and even death.
In the near certainty, that their sacrifice will be anonymous. The United States Secretary Kerry said will continue to support religious freedom for all people everywhere, and will stand up for religious communities undersold around the world.

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