August 08, 2014

Request an Independent Physician to Examine and Treat Mr.Boroujerdi's Serious Health Condition

On Wednesday, August 7th at 8 a.m. fainted as he was walking and came to, after 45 minutes at the prison infirmary. Five physicians, including the head of the infirmary and the internist were present.
When Mr. Boroujerdi inquired about his condition, the only response he got was that he must be checked out by a specialist, after which time, he was returned to his cell without any treatment or medications.

​ Mr. Kazemini-Boroujerdi is beginning his ninth year in prison and so far, he has not been given medical furlough, and the regime authority has actively refused him  any medical care for his ever-worsening multitude of illnesses which have become chronic. He has also be prohibited from receiving any legal representation. All this as a result of his steadfast refusal to deny his principles and opposition to the Islamic regime and the Supreme Leader.
 Despite his ongoing ailments, so far no effective action has been taken to treat his condition. His family continues to express their distress and have repeatedly called for the United Nations to send an independent physician to examine and treat him.
Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand 

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