August 01, 2014

Another Fetr Along with Sweet Torment and Dictatorship Taste

This Ramadan which passed in Iran, is the most deplorable which have been fortune for this history of faith of this land.
 Is it truly the Eid of Fetr?
Is this the Eid of desperate Muslims?
Is it an Eid which is accompanied with torture and dictatorship, rather than sweets and celebratory food? Do these Eids actually convey a message?
.Iran’s poor have no reason to hope for peace, happiness, or the minimum of material resources to sustain them. Those who celebrate this day, remember the tears of your fellow Muslims who, although living in this great and ancient civilization, now have no dignity, material wealth or meaningful life in this part of the world. Based on such ‘faith’, the orders for the execution of the innocents are continually issued, and the command for the looting and pillaging of the national wealth is handed down. By exporting the belongings of a nation to bases in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain he embezzlement of the God-given resources of the people of Iran, in order to support and strengthen the spying and intelligence networks, inside and outside Iran, and to further disempower the children of this blessed land, driving them into utter destitution, bankruptcy and damage.
The deprived and plundered people of Iran have endured thirty five years of Fetrs. This Fetr, once again, under the guise of Islamic rites they continue their shameless looting and pillaging of our nation and its wealth and go on blocking our people from accessing what is rightfully theirs.
O believers and faithful, at the end of your Eid-e-Fetr Prayers, remember all the children of Islam whose world has been extinguished in the name of religion and Sharia Law, and falsely done under the name of the Prophet by Iran’s corrupt Islamic regime through its brainwashing and oppression of the people. They turned the divine obligation of the believers into hatred of and enmity to religion in the people’s hearts. With their dishonest motto of “our faith dictates our policy“, they have made the next generation disgusted by religion.

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