August 05, 2014

Mr.Boroujerdi's Request to the Human Rights High commissioner

To the attention of Dr. Navi Pillay
The United Nations human rights High Commissioner

Greetings from the seekers of freedom and justice, wishing you peace on you defender of humanity and dignity.

I offer my esteem from within my horrific prison cell and ask for your human and divine assistance.
 I am a pastor who has archived the savage and tyrannical crimes of the fascist regime in Iran. In the eight years I have spent in these prisons, a captive in the claws of these claimants of religion and spirituality, I have been deprived of any legal representation, as well as the desperately needed medical treatment and medication for my continued ailments. All of this has been withheld from me, merely as a result of my opposition to political Islam, which is the source of the barbarities, blasphemy and treachery. 

I have endured all kinds of tortures, from physical to psychological and my family and relatives have been put through unspeakable cruelty. Unfortunately however, despite having sent hundreds of letters to different authorities in various organs of the United Nations and world leaders who are responsible for seeking justice for the innocent and the deprived, it has never resulted in any effective assistance for myself and any of the other political prisoners; all this, in the face of the constant trumpeting blackmail and chicanery of the bully regime’s media, which gives rise to religious despots, who constantly twist and falsify my comments and key points.

Of course, now that you have entered the field to expose the cruel face of these officials, you are facing a wave of repetitive and shabby attacks by this regime’s elite, in order to further intensify the tint of the falsities and empty promises they have made to our doomed nation; this is all so that they can continue their autocracy for a while longer.

I hereby call upon you, the international scholar to meet with yours truly, who is a leader in the field of religion, barring the politics, or please send a representative to report on my horrible condition. My illnesses continue to bring me closer to the end of my life and my organs fail evermore, on a daily basis. My youth and my righteousness has fallen victim to the cycle of the monarchic leaders and is being systematically destroyed.

Contemporary history and the future logbook of time will provide documentation that other than revealing the thirty five year long malice of the Islamic Revolution, and the correction of the impression of witnesses in regards to the behavior of these traitors, I have had no other thought or motive. And I have never nurtured another cause, other than to rid my compatriots of this cruelty. My constant wish has been the dignity and pride of my country. Therefore I hope for the extensive assistance in this area.

Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini-Boroujerdi
July 2014
Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran 

Translated and edited by: Banafsheh Zand

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