October 30, 2008

The warning of religious and anti-oppression, Ayatollah Boroujerdi, to Mrs.Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel peace prize winner

Dear lady. Shirin Ebadi :
I respect to kind and merciful God and to liberal and just personalities and honor to dear and oppressed country and under torture nation of Iran.
Now that we are in the most sensitive time and history of our country and current human, credit and belief calendar shows the great times and the libertarianism shout of people under pressures of religious dictatorship calls all consciences on itself and ask every right nature to help, every kind of thought conflict and selective contrast (contrast base on your benefit not public) by peacemakers and reformist is a regrettable and unforgivable sin.
Person who calls himself responsible for definite and God-given rights of human must not just think on himself and not be dependent on any parties, you who are proud of world medals and prizes have hard and great responsibility and should be the reflex of national, cultural and religious protests of Iranian people, the expectation of aware and alert society of this country from you is cooperation and sympathizing with mind, body, press and speech of reformists and oppression deifiers of this country, now , as you have got immunity factors from organizations which are depended on United Nations and you are able to provide security and protect jailed lovers of Iran ,every kinds of omission and hesitation will not be accepted.
Today, Boroujerdi is not a person and is not just himself but is the symbol of resistance against religious dictatorship, I who am a clergy with 35 years of service in public, affection, mind and religious service of people, have been put in the severest and hardest tortures and pressures by political Islam and governmental religion and have spent heavy expenditures for combating against religious claimers that murder of my father and my mother , annihilation of my family and my youth and health are some results of religious despotism of governors .
Every kind of help and assistance to me, is same honor to freedom law and opposition to opinion siege and combat against belief inquiring and press censorships because I as a religious independent leader, ask for absolute freedom of press, speech, opinion and thoughts.
So, I as a public prosecutor and the lawyer of tens of millions of Iranian people in opposition to religious despotism, expect you to consider and follow up my file in the highest world court of Human Rights by presenting my complaint as soon as possible .
The best regard
Seyyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi –Evin prison – Oct 2008


Unknown said...

Mrs. Ebadi
advocate of Ayatollah Boroujerdi ,who give all of his life for Iran's freedom , is not easy but we ask you to help him because we know you can doing every things for free Ayatollah Boroujerdi.please help our leader.

Unknown said...

I belived you Mrs. Ebadi, and centairly you can wow .helping Mr.Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his followers.
thank you.