March 13, 2009

The birthday of holy Mohammad, the prophet of Islam And the happy message of Ayatollah Boroujerdi inside Yazd prison

In the name of the merciful God and in memory of the prophet who his prophecy was all mercy, generosity and kindness. Happy the birthday of the selected human who his word was "hello", his stance was friendship and health and his thought was remission, forgiveness and peace. I congratulate all followers of holly Mohammad in all over the world on the birthday of this holly prophet, also I remind of his moderate way and custom which is away from violence, blind fanaticisms and disturbance. There is the custom and the way of living and acting of this holy prophet of Islam that is contrary to all extremists' slogans, terroristic movements and rough actions, according to this custom the path of egoism, despotism and conceit has been obstructed.
His presence in the Islamic society was simple and with out ceremony, he lived like other people without dependence on government and power as if a person saw him, he couldn't distinguish between governor and subordinate because he held meetings without guard agents and security controls. He was so attractive and kind that on the time of meeting some one first he started greeting and saying hello. His humanism necessitated going to meet his enmities and visit patients without attention to opinion conflicts. His pacifism was at such high level that in the time of conquest of Mecca he shouted:" today is the time of remission and reconcile with my enemies". His justice was so that he forgave the leader of his opponents and enemies and made his house a safe place as every one could take it as a refuge and be safe from retaliation there.
He announced in his final speech with perfect courage and bravely:" if I have oppressed some one, I'm ready to be punished". He introduced one who doesn't annoy people and people are in calm and peace with him, as his real follower. He never made a prison or tortured a captive during his administration and leadership; he even forgave the killer of the commander of his army. He was concern about human's future and recommended to peaceful life even while he was dying.
With the wish of fulfillment of his ideal
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to see that what the dictators are doing in the name of Islam Prophet while his son(Ayatollah Boroujerdi) is in prison.